TELEP Pianos & Clocks can provide you with a rental piano for any occasion.

(905) 433-1491

  • Grand Pianos, Upright Pianos and Digital Pianos available to rent..

  • All of our rental pianos are tuned before going out on rental.

  • Come visit our showroom and select the piano you would like to rent.

Piano Type Event (1-3 days)
Acoustic Grand Piano (6’8″) $1195.00 plus tax
Acoustic Grand Piano ( 5’7 – 6’1″) $895.00 plus tax
Acoustic Grand Piano (4’11”- 5’3″) $795.00 plus tax
Acoustic Upright Piano (under48″) $695.00 plus tax
Digital Grand Piano $495.00
Digital Upright Piano $395.00

Please Note: There may be extra moving charges for weekends, holidays, after hour delivery, stairs, extended waiting times or delivery outside of our General Service Area.


  • Not Sure if your kids will stick with piano lessons?
  • Not Sure if you should buy a acoustic or digital piano?
  • Not Sure if you should buy a new or used piano?These are common questions we hear from customers who are purchasing their first piano.

    If you are not 100% sure of  what piano you should purchase than don’t!

    If you make a mistake and buy the wrong kind of piano, or if  the piano ends up not getting played, then you have a piano you now have to sell.

    We have a unique” rent to own” plan we can offer you. You will be able to have a piano or digital piano in your home without a large cash outlay.

  • First we assist you in deciding which piano  would be best suited for your needs.
  • We rent the piano to you at a low cost.  (from $58.00 per month  and up depending on model)
  • You can rent up to a maximum of one year. (You will know in this length of time if this was the right choice for you)
  • We apply 100% of all rental payments towards the purchase price if you decide to buy.
  • You are under no obligation to buy the piano you are renting and can return it at any time. (We require first and last months rent up front)
  • You know exactly what the piano will cost . There are no hidden charges.
  • We offer rebates if you purchase early.

All our pianos and digital pianos in our showroom are available for rent including used ones. proud to offer acoustic pianos on a monthly rental and rental-to-purchase basis.


We also have a unique rent to own plan where  we apply 100% of all rental payments towards the purchase price if you decide to buy.

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